Integrated Financial Planning & Investment Management

Enjoy every season of life with a financial plan that provides clear direction and peace of mind.

Most People feel uncertain about their financial future. They lose sight of their long-term goals while navigating the twists and turns of everyday life, leading to increased anxiety and fear.

At Loomis Financial, our planning process and investment guidance identifies your financial blind spots and provides tailored strategies and custom solutions to help you meet your goals.

3 Steps to Financial Peace of Mind

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Put the Integrated Plan into Action

Life Happens in Seasons, each with unique challenges and opportunities. Our integrated planning process and investment management will give you the clear direction and peace of mind to pursue your goals with confidence every step of the way.

We understand —

Feeling uncertain about your financial future is really stressful and trying to navigate the financial world can be head spinning.

Working with Loomis Financial will provide clarity with specific steps to empower you with the comprehensive knowledge, objective guidance, and continued encouragement necessary to reach your goals. Our integrated financial planning process focuses on building healthy relationships with money by understanding your unique experience and how the important relationships in your life influence the way you make financial decisions. For the past two years, we’ve been recognized by the community as the Best Financial Planner/Advisor in the San Gabriel Valley. 

As a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor, our goals are to be objective, transparent, and accountable in every step of the financial planning and investment management process.

Fees are Based on Complexity of the Plan

The Hourly Rate is $250 for Financial Planning
Our Investment Management Fee is 1% or Less.

Loomis Financial Consulting is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm specializing in the unique financial needs of mid-level executive professionals, solo entrepreneurs, modern and multigenerational families.

We believe that financial planning encompasses every season of life and our goal is to provide objective guidance for those seasons. Our fiduciary approach to integrated financial planning focuses on the whole person, encompassing the internal and external aspects of building healthy relationships with money. 

Your family dynamic plays an integral role in this process. By understanding your personal experiences and how financial decisions were made in your home growing up, we uncover the money scripts that influence your perspectives and views on finance. We understand that “family” is much broader than biology and can include our chosen families, our communities, even our professional relationships. So, whatever your definition of family is, we want to partner with you in making financial decisions that are rooted in and for the people you love.

As a fee-only firm, we do not sell products or charge commissions. By removing “the sale” from the equation, your needs come first. Our approach to investment management is completely transparent: objectivity, accountability, and predictability ensures that the advice you receive, connects directly to your plan. 

Our scope is comprehensive but the goal is simple, objective advice for the seasons of life.

Financial Seasons of Life

Wealth Planting

Starting out as a young professional, paying off college debt, developing a career path and beginning a savings plan

Wealth Growing

Advancing your career, growing a family, and accumulating wealth

Wealth Harvesting

Retirement, mentoring adult children, business succession planning

Wealth Preserving

Estate planning, generational wealth transfer, creating a family legacy